InvenSync’s focus is on the most critical business needs of our clients, and our attorneys will make every effort to ensure that our accumulated know-how is provided to our clients at the right time.

We jump again with the new name InvenSync.

In September 2018, patent law firm INVENTUS re-enters patent law InvenSync.

In July 2012, we opened INVENTUS, a patent law firm, and we have been expanding our business with enthusiastic support after we transformed our company into INVENTUS, a patented company in 2016, with the support and support of our customers.

In order to strengthen the alliance with SYNC TECHNOLOGY LAW GROUP, a patent office of China’s overseas IP case, to transform the name of the corporation into the patented InvenSync (INVENSYNC Intellectual Property Group) I will.

Our patent law firm InvenSync will continue to provide more professional and attentive service based on our cultivated business capabilities.


Managing Partner

Young Doo Kim, John ByungChul Kim, Joseph JiHoon Hong